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Page 39 - Superheroes

When Superheroes Fall
There was an error on page 39 of the first books that were published.  Below are the missing paragraphs.

Air Force pilots spend a lot of time away on TDY’s (temporary duties), a major drawback for their wives.  A friend of mine from Pennsylvania, whose husband came home every night, once told me, “Boy, I sure wish Sam would go TDY sometime.”  The TDY’s came too frequently for me to enjoy them. 

At least one week of the month, Rick would leave for some kind of exercise.  It wasn't just across the country either.  Many times, he jetted off to Europe for a month or two.  It's especially difficult to hear your husband talk about his lunch in Spain and dinner in Italy when you're up to your neck in baby poop and have eaten Kraft Macaroni for dinner the third night in a row.  It is completely unfair. 

Our first summer in Florida, Rick was scheduled to go to Germany for the month of June.  Houseguests flowed in and out of our home most of that time (the joy or hazard of living in Florida), so Rick decided to buy a boat to attempt to compensate for his absence.  I love to cruise out on a boat, especially for a chance to water-ski. (Rick almost made huge brownie points with this gesture.)

Our neighbor owned a small boat he wanted to sell, and he loaned it to us for a day, hoping we might buy it.  My cousin, Suzy, and her husband, Joe, were visiting, and we water-skied all day.  By the evening, the engine made a funny noise.  We pulled the boat up to our dock, and our neighbor told us to keep it there, he would look at it the next day. 






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